We provide innovative home solutions that allow you to move safely and independently throughout your home.

Did you know?

age 65 and older, fall in their home.

Our Goal

Our main goal is to keep you safe in YOUR home. In our profession, we often see patients who sustain injuries from falling at home that could have been prevented with appropriate home modifications and equipment. Investing a small amount of money into your home now can result in huge savings in the future. We want to assist you in safely participating in the daily tasks that you enjoy.


Home Safety Innovations offers a variety of services that help you continue to participate in daily activities in the comfort of your home. Our services include:

  • Home assessments
  • Home modifications

With our experience and expertise, we will determine the best modifications and solutions for you.

We also sell, rent, and install equipment such as ramps, grab bars, railings, and stairlifts which will increase your safety and independence while moving throughout your home.


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